Walk 15® Basic Level Instructor Course

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What's Included

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Basic Level Walk 15® Instructor Course Includes:

  • Walk 15® Basic Instructor Manual
  • Walk 15® Basic Instructor Quiz
  • Music for a two (2) mile walk
  • Short Video of the 4 Basic steps
  • Your license agreement

Learning Objectives

Learn the basics to begin teaching your Walk 15 Classes!

Course Procedure

Read the study materials

pass the quiz with a score of 90% or higher

sign and retrun the licence agreement to:  info@walk15.com

Join the Walk Instructors Network (WIN)

practice and start to teach Walk 15® classes

Course Content

Walk 15® Basic Level Instructor Course
We've moved! Please go to http://www.walk15.com/get-certified.html Join us at the all new Walk15.com to get your Basic Level Walk Certification course, and join our Certified Walk 15 Instructor Family!